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Faculty Web Server Directory Listing

Adams, Kevin (School of Engineering)
Aldridge, Dayne (School of Engineering)
Bacallao, Mary (Tift College of Education)
Banga, Ajay (College of Pharmacy)
Barnett, Candace (College of Pharmacy)
Barnett, Kevin (School of Engineering)
Barnett, Sheila (School of Engineering - MERC)
Baugher, Greg (Penfield College - Centers)
Beerman, Mary (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Keown-Belous, Christopher (School of Medicine - Atlanta)
Bickley, Terry (Administration - Macon)
Biggers, J. (Penfield College - Centers)
Binkney, Ronald (Tift College of Education)
Binkney, Richard (Tift College of Education)
Blome, Gary (Penfield College - Macon)
Bongiovanni, Fred (Penfield College - Macon)
Brackette, Caroline (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Brennan, Linda (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
Bucholtz, Kevin (College of Liberal Arts)
Burns, Marna (Penfield College - Centers)
Burns, Rebecca (College of Pharmacy)
Burtner, Joan (School of Engineering)
Butler, Andre' (School of Engineering)
Cadwell, Jeanette (Penfield College - Centers)
Cain, Jabari (Tift College of Education)
Carter, Kelly (Administration - Macon)
Chalfa, John (College of Liberal Arts)
Chase, Lana (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Choi, T (School of Engineering)
Clark, Diane (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Clemons, Lynn (Penfield College - Centers)
Cline, Susan (School of Medicine)
Codone, Susan (School of Engineering)
Coleman, Craig (College of Liberal Arts)
Craker, Timothy (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Crutchfield, Tammy (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
Danheiser, Priscilla (Penfield College - Macon)
Davis, David (College of Liberal Arts)
Denny, Jeffrey (College of Liberal Arts)
Domico, Virginia (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Drace, Kevin (College of Liberal Arts)
Drake, Mary Ann (College of Liberal Arts)
D'Souza, Martin (College of Pharmacy)
Dunaway, John (College of Liberal Arts)
Ekong, Donald (School of Engineering)
Eskew, Margaret (Penfield College - Macon)
Fuller, Freida (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Gardner, Catherine (Tift College of Education)
Glance, Jonathan (College of Liberal Arts)
Goode, David (College of Liberal Arts)
Grady, Helen (School of Engineering)
Grant, Chris (College of Liberal Arts)
Gratigny, Jerome (Administration - Macon)
Greenier, Keegan (College of Liberal Arts)
Green, George (College of Pharmacy)
Gunby, Susan (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Hagan, Daniel (School of Medicine)
Hancock, Kathleen (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Harris, John (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Hayhoe, George (School of Engineering)
Hayslett, Renee (College of Pharmacy)
Henderson, Ian (Penfield College - Centers)
Hill, Stephen (School of Engineering)
Hodges, Helen (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Holland, Katherine (Townsend School of Music)
Hollums, Gary (Regional Academic Center - Centers)
Howard, Keith (College of Liberal Arts)
Huber, Thomas (College of Liberal Arts)
Hunt, James (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
Hyun, Sinjae (School of Engineering)
Jackson, Richard (College of Pharmacy)
Jenkins, Hodge (School of Engineering)
Jenkins, William (College of Liberal Arts)
Johnson, Gail (Penfield College - Macon)
Joiner, William (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and Economics - Macon)
Jones, Joanna (School of Medicine)
Jones, Kelly (Penfield College - Macon)
Jones, Margie (Tift College of Education)
Jones, Peter (James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology)
Juang, Jeng-Nan (School of Engineering)
Kail, Thomas (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Kamali, Behnam (School of Engineering)
Kamp, Fran (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Keeley, Ann (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Khoury, Hani (Penfield College - Macon)
Kloepper, Kathryn (College of Liberal Arts)
Knapp, Kenyon (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Knight, John (School of Medicine)
Kunz, Richard (School of Engineering)
Lacey, Karen (Penfield College - Centers)
Lackey, Laura (School of Engineering)
Lancette, Leonard (Tift College of Education)
Lane, William (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Lankin, Laurie (Penfield College - Centers)
Lee, Sheng-Chiang (John) (College of Liberal Arts)
Lewis, Grace (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Liu, Feng (Penfield College - Centers)
Look, Jennifer (College of Liberal Arts)
Lynch, Allen (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
MacNeil, Paul (School of Engineering)
Mahaney, Jack (School of Engineering)
Mahone, Scott (Regional Academic Center - Centers)
Martin, Richard (Penfield College - Centers)
Mcclellan, David (School of Engineering)
McClung, Steven (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
Mccreanor, Philip (School of Engineering)
McMahan, Craig (Administration - Macon)
Menard, Terry (College of Pharmacy)
Meng, Hong (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Miller, Cameron (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Miller, Gina (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Atlanta)
Miller, Steven (Penfield College - Centers)
Miller, Susan (College of Pharmacy)
Mills, Charles (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Atlanta)
Mines, Richard (School of Engineering)
Mitchell, Sara (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Moniri, Nader (College of Pharmacy)
Moody, Laura (School of Engineering)
Moore, Michael (College of Liberal Arts)
Morris, Stephanie (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Macon)
Moses, William (School of Engineering)
Murnane, Kevin (College of Pharmacy)
Osmus, Kyra (Penfield College - Macon)
Paille, Emilie (Tift College of Education)
Palaniappan, Ravi (College of Pharmacy)
Palmer, Russell (Regional Academic Center - Centers)
Pavich, Melanie (Penfield College - Centers)
Perry, Beth (Administration - Atlanta)
Pino, Jose (College of Liberal Arts)
Poole, Julie (Regional Academic Center - Centers)
Pounds, Andrew (College of Liberal Arts)
Pratt, Miranda (College of Liberal Arts)
Radharamanan, Ramachandran (School of Engineering)
Rascoe, Barbara (Tift College of Education)
Rayburn, Sandra (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Ray, Jill (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Revels, Kenneth (Penfield College - Centers)
Richardson, Gary (College of Liberal Arts)
Roberts, Charles (Penfield College - Macon)
Robinson, Tanya (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Rood, Brian (College of Liberal Arts)
Ross, Peter (Tift College of Education)
Roty, Michael (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Rowe, Brenda (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Rowland, Karen (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Royal, Jennifer (College of Liberal Arts)
Ruegger, Stephen (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Rutledge, Arthur (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Atlanta)
Ryan, Gina (College of Pharmacy)
Sandifer, Rebecca (Administration - Macon)
Schultz, Scott (School of Engineering)
Selby, Thomas (School of Medicine)
Sharon, Tanya (College of Liberal Arts)
Sharpe, Mary (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Shaw, Wade (School of Engineering)
Shugart, Kelli (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Slater, Thomas (James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology)
Stapleton, Colleen (Penfield College - Centers)
Stewart, Beth (College of Liberal Arts)
Stewart, Daphnee (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Stramiello, Al (Tift College of Education)
Streit, Linda (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Strom, James (College of Pharmacy)
Subrahmanyam, Vijaya (Eugene W. Stetson School of Business & Economics - Atlanta)
Sumner, Loren (School of Engineering)
Swanson, Karen (Tift College of Education)
Symington, Margaret (College of Liberal Arts)
Tankersley, V (Penfield College - Centers)
Terry, Clinton (Penfield College - Centers)
Thitsa, Makhin (School of Engineering)
Thomas, McKinley (School of Medicine - Savannah)
Thomas, Charlotte (College of Liberal Arts)
Trogden, Bridget (College of Liberal Arts)
Troyan, Patricia (Georgia Baptist College of Nursing)
Vokhiwa, Zipangani (Penfield College - Centers)
Vo, Ha (School of Engineering)
Weintraut, Edward (College of Liberal Arts)
Wiles, Amy (College of Liberal Arts)
Winkler, Andrea (Penfield College - Atlanta)
Yackel, Carolyn (College of Liberal Arts)
Young, Henry (School of Medicine)
Zalups, Rudolfs (School of Medicine)
Zimmerman, Jenny (Administration - Macon)